About Us

As a young boy growing up in Mississippi, Kris Harvey loved high fashion but never had access to it. Yet, once he joined the fashion industry as an assistant buyer after graduating from Yale University, he had the access but not the means to purchase. Frustrated by the lack of accessibility to high fashion for young professionals, the lack of diversity in the fashion industry and the horrendous impact fashion has on the environment, Kris Harvey founded TheLuxeLend in February of 2022 while enrolled at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania pursuing his MBA.

TheLuxeLend aims to:

  • Create access to designer and contemporary brands for the budget conscious
  • Democratize fashion for those who are gender non-conforming
  • Mitigate the harmful impact of fashion on the environment
  • Support emerging and up and coming designers, particularly BIPOC (with the goal of at least 15% of designers onsite identifying as BIPOC)

The fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined. By extending the life of garments and upcycling them, TheLuxeLend aims to reduce consumption of new apparel which will lead to less apparel production, reducing the fashion industry’s carbon emissions, water usage and landfill pollution.

We work diligently and cohesively together in acquiring our Masculine and Feminine assortments from luxury retailers and boutiques across the country to create an experience, and a LOOK. All items are 100% authentic and have been vetted by our team.